Disciplined Process

The investment industry can be complicated; some of the industry make it overly complicated in their terminology, product definition, client presentation material. We focus on simplifying the messages to educate, inform and promote understanding by all clients.

We take pride in our independence, and the level of personalized service we are able to provide our clients.

Our relationship is defined by how you want us, as your advisor, to:

  • Manage the relationship (meetings/updates; communications; working with your other professional advisors)
  • Invest your capital: based on goals [targets, timing]
    • preserving capital [protect my $, I don’t want to have to work again]
    • growth in the wealth in real terms.
    • managing my income tax provision [tax efficient strategies, minimization over life time]
    • transfer of wealth to the next generation effectively and efficiently
    • understand level of risk and corresponding rewards
    • supported with independent, professional and quality integrated services
    • all for a good / fair price
  • Address such key questions as:
    • do I have enough cashflow?
    • will my assets last my family’s lifetime?
    • how can I withstand major world events?
  • Meet your investment style
  • Consider any desired specific preferences and constraints [specific markets, allocations]

Working with an advisor is a process that can help you make a plan, evaluate progress, and achieve your personal and financial goals—while feeling more confident along the way.  It is a professional relationship that needs to be an effective working partnership.