HR Resolve

Organization Development

Developing management systems appropriate for growth businesses and volume chain associations is a critical challenge for success in human resources. It’s not just about hiring the right people, it’s about establishing the management philosophy and culture that enables the human resources to operate in a way that leads to success. This includes properly developed recruitment strategies, training and development programs, compensation philosophy, accountability models, reporting relationships, communication facilitation, and review and career development plans. In financial management, it’s about having appropriate systems in place to manage reporting and control requirements.

The Search for Talent

HR resolve assists in the recruitment of senior management positions in the Canadian agriculture sector, for private enterprises, and for industry not-for-profit associations. Our clients tell us our detailed approach and thorough market coverage through contacts and relationships always brings forward the best possible candidates that fit their organization. Laurel and Patti use a strategic, collaborative and confidential approach that is critical to enabling the decisions involved in each engagement. Our education, career experience, and knowledge of the agriculture sectors is a major strength we bring to understand the issues and challenges faced by clients. Our experience working with Boards of Directors is also a significant advantage for the client.

Business Coaching

Laurel and Patti each have strong relationships throughout the agriculture sector. Their knowledge of sensitive issues and communication skills provides valuable coaching relationships with senior managers.